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I did this project a while ago, hence the crappy pictures. It was my first try in silk creening on paper though, since i only did it on textile before this. Not only the first time printing on paper, but also first time printing in more than one color. I was really stoked after this project, so i decided to start my own silkscreen atelier. This is the print where it all began. I got a lot of help from the good people at Willem 1 in Arnhem, so if you want to start printing yourself, these people know a lot about the whole process and can help you big time! You can purchase this print in my webshop
framed indian screenprint
digital indian illustration
The digital version of the drawing.
indian screenprint detail 1
indian screenprint detail 2
indian screenprint detail 3
indian screenprint detail 4
original indian drawing process
original indian drawing
cutting paper
Cutting the paper in the correct size (50x70 cm)
color mixing
Making the right colors
first color screenprint
The first color
3 color screenprint
This is after i added the gold color. It has two variations in it, one is where the gold was printed on plain white paper and the other is where the gold leapes over the dark blue, wich makes the gold also a lot darker, but still gold. 
clearing screen
final 4 color screenprint drying
This screenprint is for sale in my webshop

Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // Blow
Screenprint // Blow


Tattooing at through Europe. Most of the older work consists of paintings, illustrations and murals.



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