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One of the finest bands from de Nijmegen area in the doom genre, Geiser, asked me to make the artwork for their new album as well as a poster. Being a big fan of their work, this was a great project to work on. I always love to see my drawings come to life as a 3d product. Specially when it is going to be a 12" vinyl, because i am a collector too. 

doom metal band geiser full sleeve artwork


geiser record sleeve front


geiser record sleeve back


geiser record cover photo


geiser vinyl lable detail


geiser record sleeve detail 1


geiser record sleeve detail 2


geiser record sleeve detail 3


The first sketches


geiser artwork sketch 1


geiser artwork sketch 2


geiser artwork sketch 3

And this is the sketch i came up with finally

geiser logo sketch 1

geiser logo sketch 2

geiser logo sketch 3

geiser logo sketch 4

geiser logo sketch 5


Poster design

I made this poster for a Geiser gig with the heavy sludge rockers Bitcho in Arnhem Luxor Live.

gig poster for geiser and bitcho

geiser gigposter detail

gigposter typo drawing for geiser and bitcho


gigposter for geiser and bitcho in A2 live 

Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // Blow
Screenprint // Blow


Tattooing at through Europe. Most of the older work consists of paintings, illustrations and murals.



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