Community Clients

kami kami hairdresserKami Kami Hairdresser

The most rock 'n roll hairdresser you can find in Nijmegen.

rock a coffeeRockaCoffee

Drink coffee in true rockabilly style on every festival. 


take two merk identiteitTake Two

They can make your company shine bright like a diamond. Great guys too!

stonerfront nijmegenSTONERFRONT NIJMEGEN

Instrumental stoner band and great buddies of mine.

barbarossa nijmegenBarbarossa Hostel

This is where i have my studio with a lot of great people.


Stonerrock and groove metal with an occasional dash of thrash from Sneek.


I never run out of energie and inspiration when i'm painting with this guy. Check out his great work.

fuzzy calculations in audioFuzzy Calculations In Audio

Are you going to record your band, you might want to consider these fuzzers.


Thanks to these guys, i know what i know now about silkscreen printing. They are a great help for the scene.

the heatThe Heat

Bluesy rock with a psychedelic feel to it. They are also a bit nuts, so the shows are a joy to watch.


Another silk screener who helped me a lot. Sascha knows a lot and is always willing to help. Check out their website where they sell sustainable textile printed shirts.


This is my own band.


If you need something build, whatever, for the internet, you need Nik. He shares our studio at Barbarossa.


Stoner rock from the Nijmegen area.

GilGil Xavier

A very talented photographer who has his own shop with portuguese delicacies, together with his brother.


This was the best doom and from nijmegen. Too bad they quit, but you can still check out their music.

paraplu fabriekenParaplu fabrieken

Paraplu Fabrieken or "Plu" is a place with a lot of cultural history. An old factory building with shops, craftman and good parties.

Johnnie RookJohnnie Rook

Punk rock and a lot of party from Berlin.

poppdium 013013

This vennue has a lot of very cool bands and they offer people like me a chanche to make cool posters.


Senor HernandezSenor Hernandez

This is the one and ony place to go when you want to buy comics in Nijmegen. They also have a good selection of records.



If you want to space without drugs, you need twinklerz glasses.


Rood AnkerRood Anker

A studio with a lot of talented people. I shared the studio with them before i went to Barbarossa.


24 7 24/7

The place to be if you want anything skateboard related in Nijmegen.


Nijmegen Rock CityNijmegen Rock City

The platform for rock bands from the Nijmegen area.



The best coffeeshop in Nijmegen and they showcase my work there.



A vennue in Nijmegen where they also give young artists a chanche to showcase their work.


highlife magazineHighlife Magazine

They have great interviews every month with ood artists. You can read the interview with me here



A place in Utrecht where there are places to work, screen print and sell prints. You can also find my prints there.



Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // First Aid
Screenprint // Blow
Screenprint // Blow


Tattooing at through Europe. Most of the older work consists of paintings, illustrations and murals.


email: [email protected]

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